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DOL Written Test
DOL Driving Test
Teens Age 15-17
J&M Driving offers the above services in a professional setting with special attention in providing quality customer service. For further information call us at 206-458-2404.

By Appointment Only Department of Licensing (DOL) Written Test

If you've never had a Washington ID, instruction permit or license, start the process by pre-applying online for your first license, instruction permit or ID card at click on Join now! It takes about 15 minutes to complete the application and receive your "confirmation code".

If you already have a Washington ID or instruction permit you are eligible to take the written test. Click HERE or call to schedule an appointment. Bring your ID/Instruction Permit (must bring photo ID) and $30. Come prepared by studying the Drivers Guide.

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By Appointment Only Department of Licensing (DOL) Driving Test

If you have already passed the written test (within the past 24 months), click HERE to schedule your driving test or call (206) 458-2404. Next, come prepared by having visited the Department of License website (see our resources page and click on Driving Test and What to Expect Videos).

On the day of your test, be prepared to show proof of identity, current proof of insurance and the vehicle must be in good street legal condition. Don't have a car? For an additional fee, you can schedule to use our car. Cost: $35 in your car $55 in our car.

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Teens Age 15-17

Watch the J&M Driving Parent Orientation above. Minimum student enrollment per class is 5

  • Parents may enroll their children in our Traffic Safety Education (TSE) program as soon as their child turns 15.
  • We use the Washington Risk Prevention Curriculum. The course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours behind the wheel and 1 to 4 hours observation.
  • You can register online or call (206) 458-2404
  • Fee is $425. Minimum down payment to enroll is $200. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, checks or pay online with our secure PayPal account.
To Obtain your Instruction Permit
  • Waiver: Once enrolled, we can issue an online waiver as proof of enrollment to the Department of License.
  • Test: Another option is to pass the written test offered at our location 5 days a week. Test fee for our students is $20.
  • Visit the DOL to obtain your permit.
  • Parent's signature granting permission for the instruction permit is required.
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Driving Practice with Parents
    The Department of License requires parents of teen drivers to supervise and log a total of 50 hours of out-of-class practice time, including 10 hours of nighttime driving.
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